Gallery of Design Projects by Jason Giddings

I was the Chief Engineer on the ThunderMustang project, under Dan Denney until 2000. Dan was also the founder of KitFox Aircraft. ThunderMustang is an all carbon fiber, 3/4 scale, P-51 mustang. It’s powered by a custom 640 Hp V-12 engine designed and manufactured by Ryan Falconer.
The AmpKit LiNK HD, Peaveys pure digital guitar interface that conveniently connects with your Mac via USB or with your iOS devices via a 30-pin or Lightning port, giving you instant access to some of the best guitar tones anywhere and everywhere you go.
The SynapSense Wireless Monitoring & Cooling Control Solution leverages a wireless mesh network comprised of hundreds of sensing devices, gateways, routers, server platforms, and a comprehensive modular software infrastructure. The two products shown here are IP-64 pressure and temperature sensing nodes used in giant HP server rooms to transmit data from multiple servers and optimize cooling, via Zigbee mesh network.
LabQuest is a standalone computer interface for Vernier sensors. Use its color touch screen to collect, graph, and analyze data in your classroom or in the field. Collect and analyze data directly on the LabQuest with its vivid color-touch screen. Perform graph analysis, time experiments with the stopwatch, write student notes, and make calculations with the scientific calculator—all using the LabQuest software. Created with today’s classroom in mind, the LabQuest is designed with rubber overmolding and rugged mechanical design to provide protection against everyday bumps, falls, and splashes.
Inteliscope is the shooting sports only multi-use smartphone rifle or bow mount and app that provides a full featured heads-up display, video gun camera, and inexpensive thermal scope attachment. In this bundle, you get a Mount Kit including cables, an Inteliscope PRO+ and a SEEK XR thermal camera. For Android and Apple.
The Oasis drugs-of-abuse field test kit is a first-of-its-kind test kit used by law enforcement to take dual salivary samples in one session. The device includes a hand-held collection wand that is used orally to absorb saliva samples and then inserted into the compression chamber to collect and store the sample at the same time as it is tested. This provides real time results and a confirmation sample, all at once.
Bikes. Kayaks. Roof-rack gear. The HeadsUp System is a new, smarter way to protect them all from getting racked. It’s a garage-mounted wireless gear alert system that detects when you return home with gear on the roof. When HeadsUp senses your gear, the system alerts you to STOP – so you don’t drive into the garage with your gear still on the roof.
SmartLok is a comprehensive and cost effective security system for storage units and other rental facilities. Using patented technology SmartLok provides access control from a central location allowing an administrator to overlock specific units in a storage facility without leaving the front office. SmartLok is a wireless system using radio signals for communication between the front office and locks on individual units.
Leopold Stevens purchased a product formally owned by another company. I was charged with re-branding it so that it had an updated and rugged appearance.
Safety-Glo is a glow-in-the-dark disposable safety stand designed to protect fireworks users from being injured when their fireworks fall over during use. The Safety-Glo was molded from glow-in-the-dark, flame resistant, poly-carbonate and featured special patented tines that could form-fit to any shape or size fireworks tube.
At only 5 ounces, the Uni Seat is the lightest BMX race seat in the world.
The world’s first cold brew coffee maker for people with sensitive stomachs. The Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker System uses no electricity and eliminates coffee waste; reducing environmental impact on our planet, supporting sustainability and saving you money. Plus, the coffee tastes remarkable.
The Dimpler clutching screwdriver bit lets you drive screws like a pro! Converts any electric drill into professional screw-guns!  Countersinks screws to the perfect depth every time and prevents stripping.

This sexy game controller was a concept for use with games requiring more than the standard thumb-stick control. The right grip floated and used gauss sensors to accurately determine the grip position in 6 degrees of freedom.
Using 4,000-year-old Feng Shui techniques, this product gives you immediate access to your “Fortune Points” (Bagua). Use this expert tool to align yourself or your home with the best energy (Qi) for wealth & abundance, friendships & love, health & wellness and spiritual & personal growth.
The DURATEQ handheld was a joint project between HP and Disney that extends accessibility to exhibits and areas at public sports, educational, and leisure venues to individuals who are visually and/or hearing impaired. An immersive real-time experience is attained via instantly synchronized audio and video content.

Created By Jason Giddings